What is a Travel Blog?

I heard a rumor that this was a travel blog. Let’s help that rumor spread!

These pictures are all from an extended road trip I took last summer, I think some of them turned out quite well.

I will tell you something that you may have noticed by now – loneliness is a theme in my writing & pictures. Most of what I write about is still things I enjoy and most of the pictures I share I do so because I think they look cool – but some is usually at least alluding to loneliness. There isn’t really a lot to read into there.

I’m trying to make a scenario for a game I play. It is going to be based on a book series that I rather enjoy – Throne of Glass. Essentially one player will be an assassin, the main character of the series, and they will be tasked with various kill quests. I imagine that for her to win the player will need to somehow prevent a tragic character death (which I am still slightly teary over) and also not…um…die…

Which leaves an unknown number of other players. One should probably be the Assassin’s Guild, who will begin the game allied with her and have the option of turning on her in order to fulfill their own objectives, probably to cause tragic character death, and accumulate attribute? Another would have to be Adarlan, the empire in which the story largely takes place. They would be tasked with killing/capturing the assassin, and so would begin the game neutral to the Assassin’s guild but an enemy to Celaena. Then another player could be the Thieve’s Guild…I think that’s the name, I’m not entirely certain – it could just be a generic criminal guild. Their job would probably be a fairly straightforward “accumulate attribute” and they would probably get gold in a similar way to Celaena and the Assassin’s Guild.

I haven’t really thought through these victory conditions all that much, mostly I am concerned with getting the map of the city done. I have never done a city of this size or in this detail or which is supposed to see so much action before, so this is going to be a little difficult – especially once one realizes how spread out descriptions of the city are in the books. I am going to have to reread at least Assassin’s Blade (the primary source for the scenario) and maybe some of Throne of Glass to get all the necessary items in. After that game play mechanics should be fairly easy to establish, I’m not looking to make this mindblowingly unique.

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